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全新2023 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Korina Explorer Reissue

NT$ 358,000.00

礙於Gibson與Fender在50年代中期時的相互激烈競爭,Gibson別無選擇,當年的總裁Ted McCarty決定反擊,包括他自己在內,組成了設計團隊,草繪了三種「現代主義」的新型吉他設計來對付Fender,並希望外型更引人注目,最終設計出了Flying V、Explorer與Moderne,希望能轉變公司,使Gibson更符合當年的潮流方向,除了沒有生產的Moderne以外,Flying V與Explorer在之後成為了Gibson眾人皆知的經典琴款。

Ted McCarty在設計Explorer時明顯受到了50年代許多汽車的工業設計影響,而Explorer的外型靈感就是來自於老凱迪拉克的汽車尾翼,外觀設計雖然超前,但又保留了凱迪拉克的優雅,而更大的琴身也為音色共鳴帶來了極佳的效果。

Explorer帶有戲劇性的直線線條完全取代了50年代時各大吉他品牌的傳統曲線設計,Explorer保留了Gibson傳統的三段拾音器切換。而在當年,淺色的吉他比起桃花心木的深色外觀更受大眾歡迎,所以Gibson在推出這三款全新型號時,木頭使用了最優質的漂白Korina,使它們擁有淺色的外觀。然而,Gibson在推出Explorer的1958年,只賣出了22支,這讓這個型號在1959年正式停產。然而在1960年代時,搖滾樂手們紛紛開始尋找這款罕見的Gibson Explorer,並在舞台上使用,這款吉他開始獲得人們喜愛,其他的吉他品牌也開始製作類似Explorer型狀的吉他,這促使Gibson於1975年重新推出Explorer,造就了它在日後的經典地位。

這是2023年Gibson Custom推出的頂級復刻版,1958 Korina Explorer Reissue完全繼承了1958年第一版Explorer的經典規格,漆面採用的是VOS(Vintage Original Spec)加上嚴選的Korina琴身與琴頸、玫瑰木指板、圓滑的琴體末端、白/黑/白三層配色護板與金色配件。原廠搭配一組Custombucker PAF拾音器,而Korina的音色相似於Mahogany,但有著更銳利的高頻與更肥美的低頻,而中頻的反應也更為靈敏。因為Korina不易取得加上木質地較軟不好加工的緣故,使它成為了較為稀少的頂級木材,Gibson Custom在2023年將最後一批使用完後就暫時沒有繼續製作任何Korina的琴款。

售價NT$358,000,附Gibson原廠Case、證書配件與Guitar Shop Taiwan專屬保固卡。本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款(刷卡與分期服務僅限線上)。


Due to the intense competition between Gibson and Fender in the mid-1950s, Gibson's then-president Ted McCarty had no choice but to strike back. He formed a design team, including himself, to sketch out three new "modernist" guitar designs to counter Fender. These designs aimed to be more eye-catching, ultimately resulting in the creation of the Flying V, Explorer, and Moderne. McCarty hoped these models would transform Gibson and align the company with the contemporary trends. While the Moderne was never produced, the Flying V and Explorer went on to become iconic models for Gibson.

When designing the Explorer, Ted McCarty was clearly influenced by the industrial design of many 1950s automobiles, with the Explorer's design inspiration coming from the tail fins of classic Cadillac cars. Despite its futuristic appearance, the Explorer retained the elegance of a Cadillac. Its larger body also provided excellent tone resonance.

The dramatic straight lines of the Explorer completely replaced the traditional curves seen in other 1950s guitar brands. The Explorer maintained Gibson’s traditional three-way pickup selector switch. At that time, lighter-colored guitars were more popular than the darker mahogany look. Therefore, when Gibson introduced these three new models, they used the finest bleached Korina wood to achieve a lighter appearance. However, in 1958, Gibson sold only 22 Explorers, leading to its discontinuation in 1959. During the 1960s, rock musicians began seeking out the rare Gibson Explorer and used it on stage, which led to its growing popularity.

Other guitar brands started producing guitars with shapes similar to the Explorer, prompting Gibson to reissue the Explorer in 1975. This reissue solidified the Explorer's status as a classic.

The 2023 Gibson Custom 1958 Korina Explorer Reissue

This is the 2023 Gibson Custom 1958 Korina Explorer Reissue, which faithfully replicates the classic specifications of the 1958 original. It features a VOS (Vintage Original Spec) finish, a carefully selected Korina body and neck, a rosewood fingerboard, a smoothly contoured body end, and a white/black/white triple-ply pickguard with gold hardware. The guitar comes equipped with Custombucker PAF pickups. Korina wood provides a sound similar to mahogany but with sharper highs, richer lows, and more responsive mids. Due to its scarcity and the difficulty in working with its soft texture, Korina is considered a rare premium wood. After using the last batch in 2023, Gibson Custom has temporarily ceased production of any Korina models.

The guitar is in brand-new condition.

Weight: 4.37kg/9.48lb

Comes with the original Gibson case, COA and paperwork.

The shipping fee includes insurance. We usually declare a low value on the shipping invoice and the insurance will follow the full value of the goods.

From Gibson:

Lightning Strikes Again

Gibson Custom Shop is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality, and sound excellence. Each instrument celebrates Gibson's legacy through accuracy, authenticity, and attention to detail.

The Gibson Explorer™ was way ahead of its time when it was introduced in 1958, and only 19 were shipped that year, but it has become very popular in the years since then. The classic vintage Explorer features have been carefully recreated in this Historic Reissue model. Featuring an ABR-1 bridge and Stop Bar tailpiece, a Korina body, Custombucker pickups, Korina neck, Indian rosewood fretboard, two volume and one tone control with CTS® pots and a phone book capacitor, gold hardware, Kluson® tuners, and a 4-ply pickguard. A historically accurate case is included, with a classic brown exterior and plush pink interior.