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全新2020 PRS Private Stock 35th Anniversary Dragon-Frostbite Dragon's Breath

NT$ 699,000.00

全球限量135支,PRS紀念創立三十五週年推出的頂級限量紀念琴,由PRS產線中品質最高的頂級訂製系列Private Stock部門所製作,而用於Private Stock系列的木料與紋路都是PRS工廠中品質最好的,其中連琴面紋路的品質,木料中是否含有雜質等都經過嚴格的篩選,紋路的挑選也是極盡所能的華麗,PRS甚至有一群菁英製琴師專門製作Private Stock系列,而Paul Reed Smith本人會驗證過每一支Private Stock並在琴頭後方與證書上簽名。Dragon系列是PRS歷年來最具有意義的指標性琴款,而35th Anniversary版本以Frostbite Dragon’s Breath為設計主軸,Private Stock特選的華麗虎紋搭配了灰褐色漸層,呈現了冰冷神秘又帶有優雅的氣息,PRS創辦人Paul Reed Smith提到“當我十幾歲的時候,我曾夢見過吉他的琴頸上長著一條龍,而我在1992年時第一次實現了這個夢想,也就是當時推出的一代Dragon紀念琴。

而慶祝技術的發展已經成我們PRS歷史中相當重要的一環,全新的技術使我們能夠創造出這些錯綜複雜的指板鑲嵌,35th Anniversary Dragon是我們迄今為止最優雅的Dragon系列“。然而Paul本人說的沒有錯,指板上有著十種貝殼純手工鑲嵌的“龍“由知名畫家Jeff Easley所設計,並請來Aulson Inlay進行解構,利用多種貝殼與材料鑲進指板裡頭,這不是常見的傳統2D指板鑲貝,而是3D立體鑲嵌技術,由照片細節中可以看出貝殼中混合著彎曲的波浪鋁網,如此精細的手工藝術完美的在吉他上呈現,也讓這讓這條龍顯得更加立體、生動。

規格以McCarty型號所延伸,擁有PRS Stoptail Bridge固定式琴橋、3-Way Toggle三段音色切換加上可切單線圈的Push/Pull Tone Control,拾音器搭配與Paul's Guitar相同規格的TCI Treble/Bass Pickups,擁有復古與現代平衡的獨特音色。

全新收藏品,35th Anniversary Dragon目前在市場上相當少見,市場上單價約落在美金$26,000,約台幣80萬,Gutiar Shop Taiwan提供更優質的價格,想收藏的玩家們把握機會。

售價NT$699,000,附原廠Case、證書文件與Guitar Shop Taiwan專屬保固卡。本公司商品都經過嚴格檢驗與專業調整,一年保固、免費保養與完整的售後服務,安全有保障。歡迎刷卡、分期付款 (刷卡與分期服務僅限線上)。

Limited run of 135. The guitar is in brand-new condition.

Comes with a PRS Private Stock case, COA and paperwork.

Top Figured Maple
Back African Ribbon Mahogany
Neck Wood Chalteccoco
Fretboard Ziricote
Fretboard 35th Anniversary Dragon
Trus Rod Cover Ziricote with Dragon Flame Inlay
Neck Shape Pattern
Finish Type High-Gloss Nitro
Treble Pickup TCI Treble
Bass Pickup TCI Bass
Controls Volume,Push/Pull Tone, 3-Way Toggle Pickup Selector

The shipping fee includes insurance. We usually declare low value on the shipping invoice and the insurance will follow the full value of the goods

From PRS:

Paul Reed Smith Dragon model guitars are among the most coveted PRS models ever developed. PRS is proud to celebrate this historic model in honor of PRS Guitars’ 35th anniversary in 2020.
“When I was a teenager, I had a dream about a guitar with a dragon inlaid down the neck, and in 1992, I was able to realize that dream for the first time. It has become an important part of our history to celebrate the technology that allows us to create these intricate inlays and the idea that dreams can become reality. I really like this new 35th Anniversary Dragon.” – Paul Reed Smith
The visual star of the guitar is the elaborate, fantastical dragon inlay designed by Jeff Easley, a fantasy artist famous for some of Dungeons & Dragons rulebook covers. PRS Guitars engaged Aulson Inlay, to deconstruct Easley’s artwork and recreate it into several distinctive sections that have been embedded into the fretboard of the guitar and conclude with the dragon’s breath of fire extending onto the truss rod cover. The finished inlay is fashioned from a wide array of materials including: Green Ripple Abalone, Green Abalone Select, Black Mother of Pearl, Stabilized Sand-Shaded Holly, Red with Gold Vein Recon Stone, Raffir Stripes Black, Black and Red Raffir Aluminum Wave, Abaloid Acrylic, Nocturne Corian, as well as Blue Pacific, Citrine, and Flame Synthetic Opal.
The 35th Anniversary Dragon is based off of the PRS McCarty model, featuring a thicker back, PRS Stoptail bridge, and a classic volume, push/pull tone control, and 3-way toggle electronics layout, but with TCI model pickups from the Paul’s Guitar and PRS Tweaked Phase III Locking Tuners for a unique balance of vintage and modern specifications. The extraordinary Private Stock grade tone woods were hand selected for this limited series and include a curly maple top, African ribbon mahogany back, and a chaltecoco Pattern neck with a 25” scale length, 22 fret ziricote fingerboard.
35th Anniversary Dragons will come finished in Frostbite Dragon’s Breath. Choosing one of Private Stock’s Dragon’s Breath style finishes was the perfect choice for this run, with the stain sporting a lighter color (or “glow”) toward the belly of the guitar that mimics the shape of a flame shooting out of a dragon’s mouth. The smoked black hardware brings a fierce elegance to the instrument.
“Looking at the final 35th Anniversary Dragon, I am incredibly proud. This guitar is PRS through and through from designing the fingerboard to deciding what pickups to put in it. I think it’s one of our most elegant Dragons yet.” – Paul Miles
The Private Stock 35th Anniversary Dragon will be limited to 135 pieces worldwide. Shipping between February and June 2020.